Core Values

Commitment to Excellence

GDQ has attracted qualified and experienced teachers. In addition, GDQ has creatively used talent from the community to broaden the GDQ educational experience in disciplines such as music, science, computers, language, art, drama and sports. This enables us to maintain the high standards to which we are committed.

Christian Ethos

Our primary aim is to prepare children to serve the Lord in society with excellence. We encourage students to develop a Christian world view and apply their faith. The teaching staff represents a variety of Christian denominations. We are sensitive to the diversity represented in our school community and seek to maintain a comfortable and accepting atmosphere in which students are free to explore, learn and creatively express themselves. At the same time, we believe that the family and the church hold the primary responsibility for a child’s spiritual education. Along with academic standards, we work to instill character qualities such as: patience, kindness, humility, generosity, honesty and loyalty.

Commitment to Economy

With its roots in the missionary community of Tirana, GDQ has relied largely on gifts and contributions from supporting mission groups to meet its financial needs. As we expand our services, the cost of tuition will naturally increase. However, GDQ remains committed to providing a high quality educational experience while keeping costs as low as possible. Our firm Christian beliefs and commitment to missionary families will keep us eligible to receive most of our teaching staff from mission sending groups. Currently, all teachers are required to raise their own financial support and most come to GDQ through a sending mission agency. This and other forms of support allow us to set a relatively low tuition, yet preserve quality educational experiences.