Foundational Statements

Vision Statement

Educating international children to have maximum influence for the glory of God in their lifetime.

Mission Statement

GDQ International Christian School exists to provide a Christ-centred, academically enriching, international education primarily for the children of evangelical Protestant missionaries in Albania.

Expected Student Outcomes

GDQ International Christian School provides a unique learning environment for international children living in Tirana, Albania. It is expected that students enrolled at GDQ International Christian School will gain an excellent all-around education and acquire a God-honoring Christian worldview in order to become adults who, in the words of the school’s vision statement, have maximum influence for the glory of God in their lifetime.

We expect that students leaving GDQ will

    • Be prepared and equipped for their next phase in life, including appreciating lifelong learning, applying knowledge, thinking critically, and communicating effectively. (Intellectual)
    • Understand that they are created in God’s image and, therefore, make healthy choices in relation to living an active, healthy lifestyle, and knowing how to deal with stress in their lives. (Physical)
    • Have healthy relationships across cultures, applying biblical values with their peers, adults, and authority, both in a face-to-face and online context. (Social)
    • Have clearly heard the Gospel and be able to differentiate the Christian faith from other worldviews. Lord willing, the students will be followers of Christ, growing in their relationship with God, serving others, and actively sharing the Gospel. (Spiritual)
    • Have an understanding of their emotions, being able to react and communicate them to others in a healthy and wise way. (Emotional)

Philosophy of Education

GDQ International Christian School’s philosophy of education reflects the school’s core beliefs. At GDQ, the Bible and a Christian worldview serve as a foundation and integrating core for all learning. The school believes the following about learners, teachers, curriculum, and the community.


  • Unique and precious
  • Full of God-given potential, gifts and talents
  • Active participants in the learning process


  • Seek to model a love of learning
  • Address the needs of the whole child
  • Create a safe environment

The Curriculum

  • Help students to grow academically, socially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally
  • Focus on critical thinking, evaluating, and analyzing through the use of an international curriculum
  • Utilize internal and external examinations as a means of holding the school to high academic standards

The Community

  • Partner with parents in the education process
  • Foster open, two-way communication
  • Encourage respect

GDQ strives to build a community that encourages respect and appreciation for cultural diversity. As a community founded on Christian beliefs, the school values and welcomes people of all faiths into the community. GDQ seeks to provide a healthy and nurturing atmosphere conducive to the attainment of the school mission and to the glory of God.



George Lindemann Jr.'s father