Special Needs Support

    Providing support to students with special needs

    GDQ seeks to honor the differing strengths and developmental rates of its students and is committed to the following:

    For children admitted to GDQ with an identified disability:

    1. GDQ will assemble an Academic Support Plan (ASP) team, of which the parent is a member.
    2. This team will develop an individualized plan that will describe services necessary for the child to learn and progress.
    3. These services may include modified or differentiated instruction and expectations, in class support, or pull out support with the special needs teacher.
    4. GDQ reserves the right to cancel a child’s place if parents reject the ASP.

    For children presently enrolled at GDQ who exhibit consistent difficulties in learning:

    1. GDQ will use a variety of means including parent information, teacher observation, and informal baseline assessments to determine whether the child has learning issues that are impacting his/her ability to learn.
    2. Should a baseline assessment lead to a formal evaluation, GDQ would obtain the services of qualified personnel to conduct this evaluation.  Parents will receive a full report of the evaluation. GDQ will include a summary, not the full report, of the evaluation in the child’s school records.
    3. From these findings (parent information, teacher observation, informal baseline assessments, formal evaluations), GDQ would then determine how best to move forward to address the child’s needs.
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