The investment of your financial resources toward one of our special projects will strengthen GDQ’s ability to serve the missionary community, the international business community, and the Albanian Christian community.

Special Projects

Capital Funds Assistance

Gifts designated to this fund will go toward the purchase of land and the construction of a new building or the purchase of an existing building. Our desire is to accommodate all students in a K-12 facility and to provide space for new missionary families, in particular, who desire to enroll their children at GDQ. Presently, 750 euros / 1000 USD will buy 1 square meter of land.

Mentoring Program for Albanian Teachers

Albanian Christian parents have been praying and investigating the possibility of a Christian school for Albanian children. GDQ International Christian School will play a critical role in developing the school’s ethos by providing an internship program for the Albanian teachers who will teach at the school.  The cost to bring each Albanian Christian teacher into this internship program for one academic year is 3800 euros.

Student Tuition Assistance

The GDQ community is comprised of missionary and non-missionary families.  All families pay tuition fees.  Student tuition assistance is open to all families. A private committee allocates monies based on financial need to those families applying for financial assistance.

Where Needed Most

GDQ’s administration with the assistance of the GDQ Board of Directors and GDQ staff will determine where to designate these funds.

Three Ways to Give

In Person

Financial gifts may be given directly to the school. These gifts are not tax deductible.

Bank Transfer

Financial gifts may be wired directly from bank to bank. Please contact GDQ for bank account and routing information. These gifts are not tax deductible.


To secure funds in Albania, we are pleased to partner with TeachBeyond, an evangelical not-for-profit international organization dedicated to transforming the lives of children and adults through education. Donations made through TeachBeyond are tax deductible.

TeachBeyond will see that GDQ receives all financial gifts designated to the school. Please note that 6% of your donation will go toward TeachBeyond’s administration costs in serving us. Donations made through TeachBeyond are tax deductible.

To give online, select the applicable nation flag. Be sure to specify GDQ International Christian School as the “donation designation” and identify the specific GDQ project to which you would like to give. Specific projects are noted below. GDQ’s TeachBeyond donor number is 25027.

  • Student Testing Assistance
  • Mentoring Program for Albanian Teachers
  • Student Tuition Assistance
  • Capital Fund Assistance
  • Where Needed Most

Thank you for your partnership as together we allow God to work through us to reach Albania for Christ.

UK TeachBeyond Online Giving
USA/Canada TeachBeyond Online Giving


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