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Founded in 1993 and located in Tirana, Albania, GDQ International Christian School seeks to provide a Christ-centered, academically enriching,  international education for the missionary and international business community. We offer a solid curriculum (kindergarten through grade 12) and have an outstanding teaching staff focused on developing each child's character and potential.

We are MSA-CESS (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools) and ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) accredited, fully compliant with the Albanian Ministry of Education, and recognized by Cambridge International Examinations and the College Board as an official testing site.

Along with providing a quality educational program for the international community, we desire to participate in the continual improvement of the educational standard of our host country and play a part in furthering the gospel throughout Albania and the Balkans.

If it's your first visit to our website, we are glad you're here! Learn more about us and see what makes GDQ International Christian School a special place by selecting the links in the menu above.

Feel free to contact us or better still, if you are in the area, come and see us in action. We love to receive visitors!

GDQ international Christian School
Educating international children to have maximum influence for the glory of God in their lifetime.

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